KWCA Academic Team - Newton Wrestlers

Newton wrestlers that have earned placement on the Kansas Wrestling Coaches Association Academic Team.  A wrestler must be a Senior and have a GPA of 3.5 or higher to earn a spot on the 1st team, and have a GPA of 3.0 to 3.49 to earn an Honorable mention.

2000-2001 Aaron Thompson 1st Team 5A
2000-2001 Jacob Mitchell Honorable Mention 5A
2004-2005 Seth Metzler Honorable Mention 5A
2004-2005 Damian Nightengale Honorable Mention 5A
2007-2008 Matt Ahlstedt 1st Team 5A
2008-2009 Nathaniel Martins 1st Team 5A
2008-2009 Rylan Dalke 1st Team 5A
2008-2009 Nathan Murphy 1st Team 5A
2009-2010 Stuart McConnell 1st Team 5A
2011-2012 Hugh McConnell 1st Team 5A
2011-2012 Miles Johns 1st Team 5A
2011-2012 Helam Hernandez Honorable Mention 5A
2011-2012 Ryan Hutton Honorable Mention 5A
2012-2013 Quinton Harrison 1st Team 5A
2012-2013 Anthony Monares Honorable Mention 5A
2012-2013 Dillon Archer Honorable Mention 5A

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